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JB Media International is located in the heart of Copenhagen overlooking
the charming old square “Gråbrødretorv” (Grey Friars’ Square)

JB Media Int. was founded in 1980 and is owned today by Morten Petersen and Ulrik Brostrøm. Between them Morten and Ulrik have more than 40 years of combined experience at JB Media Int.

We are an advertising sales house representing a number of established predominantly European based publishers and media outlets which include magazines, newspapers, TV Channels, radio and numerous online platforms.

For clients and media agencies based in Denmark, our entire portfolio is available. For clients and media agencies based in other parts of the Nordic region, we can assist with our media networks outside Scandinavia.

We provide our clients with all the information and official documentation required and share our insight and experience so our clients feel completely secure about their final media selection. It is mandatory for us to provide our clients with the best possible deal every time. We believe in long term cooperation and we are proud of our large portfolio of loyal clients with whom we have grown and developed over the years, whether in the field of fashion, design, travel, health or other sectors.

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