Terms and Conditions

The following relates to order confirmations and material deadlines.


Please check the data on the Order Confirmation and confirm acceptance by email.


The material should be uploaded or forwarded to the email address listed on the Order Confirmation, not to JB Media.

The deadline which is stated on the Order Confirmation is the final deadline, which must be complied with in connection with the submission of the material.

If you have questions or problems relating to advertising material please address them to the email address below.

If the matter is really urgent, please also copy in your sales contact at JB Media: Ulrik Brostrøm ubr@jbmedia.dk or Morten Petersen mpe@jbmedia.dk


Changes, stoppages, cancellations or issues related to the material should be sent to the contact person listed on the Order Confirmation and comply with the relevant media rules, but generally not later than 12 weeks before the material deadline or according to the conditions of the media outlet in question.

If the booking is made less than 4 weeks before material deadline, it is not possible to change or stop an order.

If the information on the Order Confirmation is incorrect in your opinion, this must be notified within 2 days after receipt of the Order Confirmation.

In case of changes in volume, a discount will be recalculated accordingly.


If the material is not received on or before the deadline stated on the Order Confirmation, we cannot guarantee that the advertisement will be published, but the client will still be charged the full amount. It is the responsibility of the client to supply the material before the copy deadline.